MAP Digital: MetaMeetings™ is a smart event marketing agency. We generate strategic event marketing intelligence through deep attendee engagement via our event management platform, MetaMeetings.

MetaMeetings is an integrated suite of software that manages event logistics, interactivity and strategic measurement. Our MetaMeetings platform has three levels of functionality and benefits:

  1. Achieving Deeper Attendee Engagement: Delivering the Cloud (Internet) for onsite interactivity utilizing Smartphone’s and PCs for a deeper and differentiated event experience for attendees including a dynamic integrated “gaming” component for engagement rewards:
    • Event-specific social/professional media capabilities: attendee profile, session selection and scheduling, push/pull information exchange, permission-based interactivity between attendees, sponsors and conference management, and capture of usage patterns;
    • Engagement award component tracks attendee’s interactivity via Web, Twitter, Facebook; and through QR codes in print, on line, and onsite for motivation and loyalty awards;
    • Event Content Optimization: Live webcasting to “remote” attendees, publishing archived webcasts with time-coded search and transcription features, and capturing usage analytics.
  2. Gaining Strategic Intelligence: Capturing attendees’ digital interactions on our integrated MetaMeetings platform before, during and after an event. Valuable data is captured, analyzed and reported to inform management, marketing, communications planning and decision-making.
  3. Creating Smart, Integrated Event Management Programs: Providing registration, content management, digital signage, onsite interactivity, and network engineering to utilize the Cloud to enrich onsite and remote attendees’ experience.